Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What a day...

I tell you not sure why I am not sleeping considering how it went.

First my dad is in the hospital not sure if he needs surgery and if not still going to need a bit of a long rehab. Just so worried. It really stinks living so far away from him. I love him and just want to know that he will be all right.

Went to chck my bank account and was in the red by a considerable amount. Which drove me crazy. Because this was not an error on my part. Realized the bank debited all my transactions on the 2nd and 3rd. SO eventually got that fixed. But still made my heart race.

Then went to check if my school money came in. I was told it would be directly deposited into my account tomorrow or Friday.

Well, I go check after being out at the park with Aviva and there should be a 0 but low in behold there is a figure of $2800. So again my heart begins to race and I am crying (added to everything else). I call the school and they figure out that my class is only 2 credits and needed a 3 credit one. So she says can still register and call back financial aid offce and they will get my school money. OK do this but now need to wait 3 to 5 business days for the review and a day or 2 for the direct deposit. Now have to wait to get my books but taking a class on classroom management for ESE..which seems like it will be really helpful but so wanted to take my class on Autism.

After all this I treated myself to an hour at Barnes and Noble alone thanks to Stephanie for the gift card.


Michelle said...

I'd say a frustrating day like that deserves some alone time at B&N! Hope the school classes gets straightened out!

Rebecca said...

Oh man, what a day. I am so glad you had a bit of time away.