Friday, January 26, 2007


I have been waiting for 2 weeks to hear if I have been placed for a field experience. Had one but no gifted class so could not accept it. That was on the 18th.

So waited this week....called twice left 2 messages...not even one call back.

I call back yesterday...and actually got a live person....she goes you more then likely will be placed at this school just waiting to hear from them.

So tonight I go check the site and guess what I was assigned to that school yesterday and did not received an email like she said I would.

I have the teacher's name...thinking I will send her an email over the weekend to see if I can start this week.

I have 5 weeks left of class...need to 20 hours and interview teachers...lots more work to do.


Het said...

Frustrating!!! I'm sure you'll do great. Have fun!

mum2brady said...

I'm sorry they didn't get back to you - but so happy you have a placement! You are almost done - whooo hoooo! Good luck with your interviews and hours - hope it all goes well.

Michelle said...

I hope they get this all figured out for you!