Monday, January 01, 2007

MY SWEET AVIVA is SIX YEARS OLD.beginning with a year in pictures....

yes you read that right. It is so hard to believe that MY SWEET AVIVA is 6 years old. She has come so far in her short 6 years of life.

She started out being born premature at almost 31 weeks. She came into this world kicking and screaming and that should have been my first warning of how strong this child is going to be!!!

She had a rough first three years of life...spending time in the NICU, going through early intervention (PT, ST, OT, Behavior and Cognitive therapy), having sleep apnea and going through 3 surgical procedures. But going through all that, I believe made her a very strong young lady.

Aviva is a compassionate child who goes out of her way to help others, no matter the issues. She does not see differences: like a child's race or disability. She sees everyone as equals. And that makes me so proud of her.

Aviva is an energetic child and she just goes and goes from the time she wakes up till she goes to bed. And this includes talking...she can talk your ear off.

Aviva loves school and I cannot believe how well she is doing in Kindergarten. She is reading (for a year now), sentences and doing expository essays. She is doing addition and subtraction. And loves playing with her friends in class. It truly helps that she has an amazing teacher who was teacher of the year last year.

Aviva has come so far in just a short year from turning 5 till turning 6. She did dance and performed in her first dance recital. Now she wants music lessons..maybe piano and singing.

Aviva loves Disney..still. And is always asking when we are going back. We went 4 times this year but that is not enough for her. She loves going on the scary rides. She has no fear.

What a year this has been with many new things were accomplished and now we are onto another year. And I am looking forward to sharing so many more good times with Aviva. What a joy she is in our lives. It is hard to believe the difference she makes everyday we are together.


Corina said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVIVA!!!! Wow- you got to go to Disney 4 times.
Have a great birthday
Corina, China,Nikita & Trinity

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Aviva!!! Enjoy your big day!!! Cyberhugs from Anne, Annika and Cassandra

diane said...

Happy Happy 6th.Birthday Aviva!
Great pictures mom!
Diane/Family Photography

BStrong said...

Happy Happy Birthday Aviva.

Michelle said...

Happy 6th birthday Aviva! Kayla is singing with me :) You have come a long way! Thanks for sharing your beautiful daughter Dori!

Rebecca said...

She is an amazing little girl, no wonder you are so proud of her. :)