Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I am ready to bang my head against the wall. I thought everything was fine with financial aid after the fiasco last week. Since I reregestered......well called today to check on the status of my aid.

You will never believe what I heard...I am sorry Ms. Cousley it was not processed. I was beyond pissed at this point. She transferred me to a supervisor. Who was very helpful and understood how I was feeling. She is not sure what happened and why I was told yesterday that it should be today and get the money at the end of the week. She gave me her direct link to follow up and believe me I will.

So another week passes and no school money....I will be contacting her Friday and see if it came in yet.

UGH...I really could use the money but it will come. Having PATIENCE is not always easy.


Anonymous said...

What a mess. I hope this person keeps her word and fixes this mess for you. Hugs.

Michelle said...

How frustrating! I sure hope this supervisor gets everything straightened out for you!