Saturday, January 13, 2007


We had a much better week then the past few.....

1. I am very thankful my Jeep will be fixed by Tuesday or Wednesday....I really miss it. What a difference going from a jeep back to a car.

2. I am thankful that I started class but not going to be easy...need to do 20 hrs of observation and not placed yet...but hoping to get Aviva's school if not at least close by.

3. I am thankful to Spider for finishing Aviva's room and she is SLEEPING in their for a 2nd night in a row. Friday night she did 8:20 pm to 6 am...came out at midnight but walked her back. Very proud of her.

4. I am thankful that Spider took Aviva to Chuck E Cheese again this evening so I can have some alone time....I enjoyed the quiet.

5. I am truly thankful that my father is doing much better...still in pain in his fingers, hands and arms but that is to be expected. He will need neck surgery but I will go up to NY to be with him. He is home now and even working from home too.

Thank you Christine for again making me take time to look back at my week.


mum2brady said...

Thanks for joining in Dori! I'm glad that you will be getting your jeep back, that Aviva is liking her new room (with the exception of last night ;), that you got some peace and quiet, and especially that your dad is doing better! So many things to be grateful for!

We still have our ups and downs with Brady sleeping in his own bed - but - mostly he does - yayyyy! I hope that it will be the same for you. Also - with our other kids we made them a bed on the floor by our bed and told them that if they came in, they had to sleep there. We kicked them all out of our bed at age 4. Unfortunately Brady just started coming into our bed at 4 LOL

Good luck!!!

Michelle said...

such great gratitudes this week! I'm glad to hear you'll get your jeep back this week AND especially that your dad is doing better!