Friday, January 19, 2007

MY day....

Finally after waiting 2 1/2 weeks my school money has come in...and can use it to live on.

We WILL be picking up my JEEP tomorrow and it better be done...he says it will be. I have a ton of errands to run before we are go to an UPSHERIN tomorrow evening for our friend's son. I need a new shirt to wear for it...Aviva needs a new backpack and lunchbox and we are getting her a new TV hers is not working. I know, not everyone believes in having one in their child's bedroom but works for us. She has a dvd and video games hooked up and helps her stay in her room overnight.

I am very proud of Aviva she has been sleeping in her room for a week now. We had rough two days but after that the sticker chart really works. She earned 5 stickers for this past week and she got to have McDonalds today!! It took a long time but she is there and I am enjoying having my bed back to myself. Spider does overnights 5 nights out of the no snoring and it is a pleasure.


Anonymous said...

What wonderful news!!!! I am so glad you were finally able to get this resolved.

Michelle said...

Yay! I'm so happy that finally got settled!

and yay to Aviva sleeping in her room all week - sounds like the sticker chart worked geat!