Sunday, January 14, 2007

OY night #2 of Aviva and her room...

I am so TIRED!! She did go to sleep in her room with a little bit of a problem but nothing major. I checked on her and she would be snoring.

About 12:45 am she came out into my room and quitly I walked her back to her room and told her she needs to go back to sleep. She started to make the face she does when she starts to cry. I explained you need to stay in bed and everything will be fine. She started to snore....good I least I hoped.

At 1:20 am happened again....this time I had daddy deal with it...he sat with her till she fell asleep. The snoring started again and we hoped. 2:00 am she was now crying from her bed that she is scared of monsters...I went in to reassure her all was fine and there are no monsters. Told her I bought the monster spray at Publix and tookcare of everything. OK....turned on Disney Channel and she went to sleep.

3:15 I hear the crying again...guess who does not. But guess where Aviva is....climbing ito our bed....I took her out and again explained you need to sleep in your bed...we go back in her room. She does not want to. I said you are not coming in my bed. So you have 2 choices...either your bed or the couch. She decided on the couch and so she got her pillows and went to the couch...I covered her kissed her good night for the millionth time and went to my room.

I know at 4 am she was still awake...but Spider got up later and said she was sleeping.

I think she got up at 7:30 am because she said what show was on....then came to me a few times to wake me to ask questions or can she have a yogurt...which she can get on her own and does not need to ask.

Starting tonight we are make a chart to earn stickers for sleeping in her bed. She can earn Burger King, Chuck E Cheese or whatever.....and she agreed to it.

I am very tired but she did NOT sleep in my bed!!!


Anonymous said...

I have been facing the same struggles with Sir C. On school nights, when he is so tired in the evening, he quickly falls asleep in my bed and I move him into the other one. Some of the time he sleeps, some of the time I wake up to him sleeping beside me.

I think there must be something to the whole aspect of fear at this age. He often talks about monsters and other frightening stuff, and tells me he can't sleep unless he is in my bed under the covers.

Good luck with the transition, if you find anything specific that works for Aviva please let me know as I will try it with Sir C.

I hope you get some sleep tonight.

Michelle said...

sorry it was a rough night! From everything I've read about sleep solutions in getting kids to stay in their own beds - you're doing everything right! They always say to guide your child back to bed, no matter how many times you have to get up. Also you might go through a few sleepless nights like that but it shouldn't take long for the child to realize they are not going to get your bed :) I forgot if you mentioned does Aviva have a nightlight?

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

No nightlight had one Friday night and we plugged it in and blew a fuse. So we are going to Target tomorrow to get a new one. But hall light is on and enough light.

Wilma said...

Well, at least she is understanding that she mustn't sleep in your bed. I'm so glad we never had that issue. Sean only went through a brief night-wandering stage at about 18-20 months and he would come get me and take ME back to HIS bed. LOL

Het said...

HUGS. I'm glad she spent another night in her bed - sorry it wasn't as uneventful! I'm guessing she'll sleep better after a long day at school.

The sticker chart sounds like a great idea.

Something to think about - the tv screen emits a lot of light which can upset their circadian rythyms and the flickering light is more likely to wake them up. We found when we turned off the girls little DVD player after they initially fell asleep - they slept a lot better.

Some of the things we did with Julia -

- Gave her a stuffed animal that we kissed goodnight and told her that during the night she can get hugs/kisses from that animal

- Had the same quiet music CD play every night. After a couple of nights she started to associate that music with sleep and bedtime.

Sounds like you have it under control - you did a great job of taking her back each time.

M said...

Check at the CEC website -- you can download calendars that are 2 week award type calendars, and one of them is for staying in bed. Then you can take it in to CEC and they give the kids 10 (free) tokens.