Saturday, January 13, 2007

My conversation in the car with Aviva..

we started talking about why she was off from school on Monday. She goes it is Martin Luther King's birthday. I said yes you are right.

Then asked who he was. She goes he went to places that said for white and was not allowed in because he was brown. And was not allowed to ride on the bus. I did not know she learned this yet.

I asked her was this right. She goes no, she went on to say it does not matter your color we should all be friends and play together. That is my girl.

Then she said he gave a big speech about being nice to each other. I said you are right.

After we talked about how we are all different and it should not matter our color. And she goes mommy I agree.


Anya said...

Smart little girl you have there! :)
It still amazes me how much they learn when they are so young. :)

Michelle said...

sounds like she's learning great things at a young age!

Wilma said...

I love those conversations like that. Sean said they did a Martin Luther King packet at school. I haven't really asked him what was in it though. I think I will tomorrow and see if he remembers.