Sunday, January 28, 2007


Thank you to Christine...for introducing me to this way to show gratitude...

1. I am very thankful to have my JEEP back and working better then ever...and has more power the before.

2. I am very thankful to the great week Aviva had....was the first in her class to do accelerated reader, wrote a great book report in the form of an essay...and just for being a great daughter..

3. I am thankful Aviva has a great daddy...they went to Chuck E Cheese again today and Aviva said we are going so you can have Mommy time....awww she is so sweet.

4. I am very thankful finished my paper this afternoon as it is due by this evening before my chat at 7 pm.

5. I am thankful that my dad is doing well when it could have been so much worse then what happened...and I will be seeing him next month.


mum2brady said...

What a wonderful list Dori!! I'm so glad your dad is doing alright, and that you have your jeep back - I know you've been missing it!!!

Whooo hooooo for Miss Aviva's accomplishments - that is wonderful~

Michelle said...

that's great that you got your jeep back, finally! and I'm happy to hear how well your dad is recovering!